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Toniq software

  • Toniq Retail

    Toniq Retail

    Retail point of sale software


    • Integrated EFTPOS
    • Transaction 'parking'
    • Multiple pricing structures
    • Debtor accounts
    • Loyalty club schemes
    • National loyalty schemes (Flybuys, AA Rewards)
    • Rolling stocktakes to PDA or paper
    • 'Jobs' module for special services, processing
    • SMS text and email for direct marketing, contact
    • Integration with Toniq Dispensary

  • Toniq Dispensary

    Toniq Dispensary

    Pharmacy dispensing software


    • Patient overview grid showing repeats, owings, compliance
    • Medicine interaction and adverse reaction checking using MIMS
    • Fully integrated 'two way' electronic claims processing with HealthPAC
    • Internet based access to 'up to the day' medicine files, wholesaler pricelists, medicine information and prescriber reference files
    • Dynamic dispensary label generation
    • Dosepack integrated management of patient medication (Medico, Webster, Nimrod, Apotex)
    • Integration with 'robot' packing systems (Medi-tec, Script-Pro)
    • Patient medication charts
    • Effective stock control
    • TXT to remind patients that repeats are avaliable
    • Integrated task management system

  • Toniq Corporate

    Toniq Corporate

    Central retail management software


    • Manage branch products and pricing
    • Corporate wide loyalty clubs
    • Shared stock information
    • Retail management reports

  • 1CHART

    1CHART Electronic paperless medication chart system.


    • Secure electronic cloud service taking medication charts into the future
    • Accessible anywhere on any device (PC, Tablet, Smartphone)
    • Maintained by doctors, pharmacists & aged-care professionals
    • Always up-to-date, no more reprinting charts or difficult to read hand written notes
    • Can be used for personal medication charts and LTC (Long Term Care) personal charts

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