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  • How does Toniq support its customers? 

    Toniq support is initiated over the phone, but if a query cannot be answered very quickly we use our own customised remote access program (called Toniq Helpdesk) to connect to our customer screen(s) to troubleshoot the problem.

    All internet connected customers quickly learn how to use this program to allow us easy access since only 4 'clicks' are needed to let one of our support staff in.

    This method of giving support resolves queries rapidly since it is almost like having an expert standing next to you in the shop who can see your problem and is not reliant on your description of it.

    Our support staff can use the program to do simple training, showing a customer how to do things in Toniq, and also to help with one-off setup operations as required.

    If a query develops into a more technical database or a 'Windows' matter - the program allows our technicians to investigate the problem almost as if he/she were present on site, allowing the customer to get on with normal business.

    The Toniq Helpdesk file transfer feature can also be used to bring customer data back to the Toniq office so that it can be examined if required.


    NB: We can only access customer computers if they 'let' us in.

  • When I phone Toniq will I get an automatic answerphone or a person? 

    When you call Toniq, a person will answer the phone.

    Generally you will be asked if your call is about Dispensary or Retail or if it is a technical query. Depending on the expertise of the helpdesk staff member who answered the phone, they may answer your query directly or transfer you to someone better qualified to deal with your query.

    Everyone who answers the phone on the helpdesk has expertise in parts of the Toniq suite of programs.

  • What happens if I call for help at 9:00pm? 

    If you call our support desk out-of-hours, the phone will just ring.

    We have an out-of-hours number (0900 51 551) for emergency problems. This is routed to one of several technicians - wherever they are. Usually we would expect these calls to be technical and urgent (e.g. Help, there has just been a power cut and now my programs won't work!)

  • What happens if my computer crashes? 

    Depending on the situation, a computer crash can mean one of several different things.  Here is a list of different computer crash scenarios.


    If the computer that has crashed is the Toniq Server, you will ALWAYS need to contact Toniq Support


    • Computer is Not turning on
      This is usually a power related or Hardware issue. You could try checking if the power socket the computer is plugged into is working & also make sure the switches are turned on. Failing this, your Hardware Support Technician would be the ideal person to contact.
    • Toniq is running, but not responding to anything I do
      This sounds like a software issue, definitely give the Toniq Support Helpdesk a call and we will work through this scenario with you directly.
    • The computer was working normally and then it just Restarted (or the screen turned Blue with White writing)
      This could be a serious issue, please contact Toniq Support Helpdesk immediately, we will do an initial diagnosis and in most cases, suggest you then contact your Hardware Support Technician.
    • The computer has frozen and its not an example above
      Feel free to give the Toniq Support Helpdesk a call to help you, we will endeavour to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

  • What if I want the program to do something that it does not do? 

    We here at Toniq are always implementing new ideas and enhancements to both our Retail & Dispensary software suites. If you have come across a feature that you think should be part of our Toniq suites, please give us a call to discuss your ideas.


    Sometimes, we already have a way of achieving what you want within the current system, so you may get what you want sooner than you think!

  • If I have a new staff member will Toniq train him/her? 

    Yes Toniq does provide training, at a cost.

    Please ring the Toniq Support Helpdesk to arrange for onsite training. Let us know which area the staff member will be working in and require training.


    Other ways Toniq can help:

    • We have an extensive list of easy-to-follow instructions available to be faxed through on request
    • Your staff can take a copy of Toniq home to practice, ring us for more details
    • Toniq also holds training roadshows throughout the year, feel free to send your staff along to these events
    • All Toniq installations come with the most up-to-date manuals, which can be found in [Start / (All) Programs / Toniq Manuals]
    • Follow up queries after initial training session can be done via the normal Toniq Support call centre

  • How do I know if I have a software OR hardware problem? 

    Appart from obvious hardware issues like:

    • PC not starting at all
    • Screen does not display anything
    • Loud beeping noises
    • Printer making strange clunking noises


    It can be rather difficult to distinguish between a Hardware or Software problem. Please ring Toniq Support Helpdesk first in any or all situations, as we do not charge extra to be asked. Then, if we can help, you just saved yourself going to the wrong person first and getting an extra bill.