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What are the steps to using Toniq software in my business?

  • Installation of Toniq involves minimum disruption to your business.
  • The software is installed after closing time the evening before the "live date". The next day the business opens as usual, using Toniq software.
  • On-site training is provided.
  • Current database information may be retained and converted to be used with Toniq software.
  • Advice on hardware requirements is available. Where it is practical, Toniq is committed to reusing existing (legacy) equipment - especially peripherals like printers and scanners. (see System requirements for more information)
  • A preview version of Toniq software is available for you to evaluate.


Implementation of Toniq - a Process Overview


Initial Enquiry

Brochures explaining Toniq Dispensary and Toniq Retail are available on request, (contact us here). Members of our staff are happy to answer any queries about Toniq, and how the Toniq system can be a powerful tool in your business.


Site Survey

This document identifies hardware and any other business needs.


Trial File Conversion

If business data is currently computerised, existing data is converted (on a trial basis) into a form that can be used by the Toniq system.



Toniq is installed on one machine in the business, and converted data installed. The business' hardware vendor can then test peripheral equipment (printers, scanners cash drawers etc) to ensure they work with the Toniq software. The business should also compare existing data with converted data in Toniq.



A quote is raised and discussed by all parties involved.


Live Date

A "Live Date" is set and confirmed.



After the close of business the evening before the live date, the hardware vendor and Toniq staff work together to install any new hardware and Toniq software. Another file conversion is done, so that the most up to date data is loaded into the Toniq system, ready for the resumption of trading the next day. There is minimum disruption to the business.



Toniq staff provide training on site, and further ongoing assistance and support is available by telephone from our Christchurch office.