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What is Toniq eShopLink?


Our eShopLink modules provide two-way interfaces between Toniq Retail and your website - product exports and/or sales imports.
  • Automatic Product Updates out to, and/or Sales Retrieval in from your online shop
  • Reduced double handling and time consuming replication
  • Integration with Storbie & Shopify e-commerce CMS systems
  • Choose one or both eShopLink modules, dependent on your current requirements, or upgrade at any time

Storbie Pharmacy Pro

Storbie can design and setup your online presence, help add products and organsie the store the way you want online. They offer an amazing service with their Supplier network to populate photos and descriptions automatically from their growing list of contributing suppliers.


Toniq integrates with the Storbie eCommerce platform to help keep product information in sync easily and automatically.  You can addon the eCommerce module to download sales automatically, to help keep stock in sync on both systems.


Storbie Logo

Visit the Storbie Pharmacy page to get started

or email to find out more



Shopify Online Store

Toniq integrates with the Shopify eCommerce platform to keep product information in-sync.  Custom collections are created and popluated with the associated products, and you can addon eCommernce so sales data can be collected and processed as a transaction within Toniq then the stock updated back online, keeping both Toniq & your Web Store stock up-to-date automatically.


You will be surprised at how easy it is to build, edit and maintain your online store with the Shopify templates.


Contact Toniq for a no-obligation unlimited free trial to Shopify, where you can spend weeks or months building your website in your own time.  You will not need to pay anything until you are ready to launch the site.  We will help you along the way.


If you are interested in a Shopify online store, please send an email to


I already have a working website, do I need to move to storbie or Shopify platforms?

No. Toniq eShopLink also has a generic option available.  This will require additional changes by your website developer to enable integration of our services with your current website format.  Contact the Toniq Support team on (03) 341 0195 or to forward the technical details onto your website developer.


Please note: some ecommerce platforms do not have integration options available, we cannot guarantee Toniq eShopLink Generic will work on any system.  There may be additional charges for connecting to new ecommerce platforms.