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Stock Points

Stock points can be used to do separate ordering, stocktaking, dispensing and sales of stock for different areas or rooms in a shop or even at totally different premises.


All stock is located at a Stockpoint. There are two default stockpoints in Toniq , Dispensary and Retail. Initially all stock is allocated into those two stockpoints. Other stockpoints may be added, such as a storeroom or dosepack packing area. Rolling stocktakes can take place individually in each Stockpoint. This reduces the errors caused by only counting the retail stock and not the storeroom stock.


Stockpoints are normally identified by the workstation. For example, all the POS computers will be identified as belonging to the 'Retail' Stockpoint. But some of the workstations can 'act' for several stockpoints. For instance an order can be received at one Stockpoint BUT the program can direct the stock to any specified Stockpoint. This means that you don't have to have any particular workstation defaulting to the Storeroom Stockpoint.


Some groups of stores use this feature to have a central database and 'thin clients' (remote desktop) accessing the database over the internet.