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Toniq Sell Check


Use Toniq sell-Check to 'spy' on market Prices and Sales Rates of retail products and medicines. 


Toniq Sell-Check.. up with the market

This is a market bench-marking tool for pharmacies or other large groups of stores.


Store managers can answer questions such as

  • What's selling elsewhere, that I don't stock?
  • Is my pricing 'Out of touch' with consumers? 
  • Have I forgotten to Re-price stock after a cost price change?
  • Is the market improving for the product?
  • Am I over-stocked?
  • Was it a good Christmas trade?  Did my store go against the trend?


How Sell-Check works

  • Participating stores 'pool' data about the sales (or dispensing) rates and prices of products and medicines
  • This data is then extracted, sent to and summarised by Toniq (via an automated process)
  • The new data is made available to Sell Check registered sites for Toniq Dispensary and Retail keeping the latest market knowledge about sales and dispensing data available instantly within the Toniq programs
  • Only products which have a common identifier (the GUID) are used.  So ... the more Pricelists you use, the more data you get!  (because all Toniq Pricelist added products have a GUID)
  • Sell-Check is only available to pharmacies (or stores) which contribute data



  • The extract only contains current sell prices, the number of items sold over each of the last 12 months and full details of some sample sales
  • Only products that have been updated from Toniq Pricelists are extracted
  • The extract is not a profile of your business and pharmacy details are not held on the 'Sell-Check' database
  • If a product is sold by less than 10 participants, details are not distribute
  • All data is 'homogenised' and no one can identify individual pharmacies or regions