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Loyalty Clubs


Turn your new customers into regular customers, by offering them a loyalty club that adds value to their shopping experience.


Adding value to your customers shopping experience has been proven to increase their shopping habits with you!  By offering affordable & timely discounts, your customers will want to shop with you before your competition.


Watch your sales grow as they come back to reach and redeem their bonuses.

Flexible and specialised clubs and schemes

  • Have one or multiple clubs running in your store. You might just want one loyalty club over the entire shop or to single out an area (range of products) which requires growth or maybe you want to run a club for each cosmetic house you support. One or many, the choice is yours
  • You can vary schemes and rules of your different clubs. Generate return custom by offering a reward after spending a particular amount, let club card members work towards different levels or rewards of their choosing, discount every sale to a club card member, stop 'on special' or discounted items from being included and so much more
  • Staff can be prompted to join new customers to a club and Retail will advise them when a customer is due for their bonus. They then choose from various options depending on whether the customer wants to receive their bonus now or save their bonus for later
  • Toniq Clubs is a great way to keep track of your Pseudoephedrine and Restricted Medicine sales as well, making NZ Police reporting and history checks so much easier


Vouchers and branding

  • Use Clubs in conjunction with the Toniq Voucher and Flexisigns modules to create and print our own vouchers which would include your business name and logo for promotional impact. As Vouchers are only printed as and when customers need rewarding, no extra pre-printing work or monetary outlay is required ahead of time
  • Use Toniq Clubs with a specially created plastic Loyalty Club Card, branded specifically for your business, allowing your shop to keep advertising where ever the customer and their wallet goes. See Toniq Loyalty Cards for more information & examples


Customers targeting and reporting

  • Send mailouts, emails or even text messages about future promotions or upcoming specials using past spending habits and reporting to ensure you are targeting the right customers. Keep your customers involved, informed & impressed with up-to-date notifications whilst driving more traffic & sales to your store
  • Club reporting allows you to review and print a particular club members history, 'round up' a group of club members meeting a particular criteria, find customers that are close to or have a Bonus due, find new clubs issued and many more
  • The Toniq Club Card Details report is frequently requested by the NZ Police when tracking Pseudoephedrine sales, outlining all the information in one easy report
  • Club card members can even share their club card to get to their bonus quicker