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Retail Jobs


Toniq Jobs module allows you to track the progress of a particular 'Job' through its various stages. 


From creating your own templates, quoting through to tendering and onto reporting of outstanding, completed and stock in use, the Jobs module has been used for repairs, photo processing, projects, even rentals.

creating your own templates

  • design templates to include any and all details you want printed on the Job sheet, including your logo, customer details, a product grid with Items, quantities and pricing, job numbers
  • add as much 'steps' as you like, 'steps' which are marked as completed as the job progresses through
  • add a barcode to your job sheet for easy scanning at POS to recall and 'step' through the job
  • include enforceable due date and time prompts which staff are required to enter when raising a job


quoting to tendering

  • you can start your job  off as a quote to print and fax to your customer for approval
  • once confirmation is received simply convert the quote to an actual job with the simple press of a button, retaining all previously entered details and products
  • add products and services to the job at any time throughout the process
  • once the job has reached a tendering stage, again, the simple press of a button will send the transaction to the normal POS Selling screen with all details included for accepting payment



  • job status reporting lets you find the current status of your jobs:  outstanding, completed, complete but unpaid, due, quotes only and many more and lets you choose what information you want displayed on your report
  • job stock use provides reporting on jobs that are currently being used as part of an untendered jobs, assisting with accurate stocktaking.  You can even see what jobs the parts of being used on
  • job reminders lets you send a text or email reminder to customers when a job reaches a particular 'step'.  A great way to advise customers that their 'job' is ready for collection