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Integrated Eftpos

Allows for faster transaction processing and response times, possible savings through reduced phone lines, hardware and paper costs, full redundancy options available

Faster transaction times

  • Less time spent processing a transaction as it only needs to be entered once
  • Two way communication means an automatic accept/decline response directly back to POS
  • Great responses times:  2 seconds over broadband, 4 second using GPRS modem and 10 seconds over standard dial up (approx timings only)



  • No re-keying means reduced errors, errors that could have cost you money
  • Possible cost savings through the removal of phone lines dedicated to dial up EFTPOS
  • Minimal pinpad footprint and printer requirements allows for reduced "clutter" around the POS, leaving more room for "impulse buy" displays
  • The combined sales/eftpos receipt prints out on the existing POS receipt printer, doing away with the cost of additional hardware and paper needs



  • Full redundancy options are available, including EOV (Electronic Offline Vouchers), GPRS Modem and secondary connections
  • Fully certified to the latest banking standards (EMV/3DES)