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Debtor & Customer Accounts


Toniq accounts makes it easy for your customers (and staff) to charge and pay their respective accounts.


You can also choose to give your customers discounts, charge fees or both before sending out statements each month.

account types and Options

  • Debtor accounts are designed for those customers who need to charge to an account on a regular basis. These can also be used for staff and general shop accounts
  • Temporary and layby accounts are designed for those one-off accounts (eg 'I'll bring the money in tomorrow') or layby accounts, for which you would not normally print a statement. Reporting can be run on these account types to find customers whose accounts are outstanding
  • All accounts are independent of client records but can be 'linked' to a customer if you want, enabling staff to see what is outstanding each time this client is recalled at POS. Multiple clients can also be 'linked' to the same debtor account, great for large families
  • A group of debtors can be rounded up (in bulk) into a 'category' which can then dictate different statement, fees and options rather than maintaining them individually


Statements and invoices

  • With 10 different statement formats and sizes to choose from you can show as much or as little information as you like, for example: date, invoice number, value, each item or just the first item in the sale, references
  • Most areas of the debtors module are customisable to your business: fees and discounts; statement types, headers,  footers and general messages, to print or not to print (statements that is)
  • Overdue fees or interest and discounts can be set up individually or in bulk and are charged against the debtor accounts just before statements are printed
  • Rules can be applied as to which accounts should have statements printed, fees added, the rate they should be charged, if only under certain circumstances and which fees should be waivered. Three levels of penalties can be set up, each with their own 'overdue' message if required


Receipts and Reporting

  • For each debtor you can choose to print a receipt, an invoice or nothing at all when completing a charged sale at POS.  Additional references can also be entered during account charge or payment
  • Maintain Debtors in Bulk is a great way to report on and make changes to debtors meeting criteria of your choosing, from an outstanding balance to a certain geographic to those with a particular credit limit
  • Use the wide range of Toniq Debtors reports to run Trial balances, audit trails, debtor lists and monthly history summaries, each which can be 'fine-tuned' to report on particular criteria (items, periods, values, clients and many more) and can be saved for future use
  • A wide variety of print options are available to you, including Statements, Invoices, Transaction reports and extended Summaries