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Retail Modules

    • Debtor & Customer Accounts

      Debtor & Customer Accounts

      Accounts can be set up for 'regulars', temporary debtors ("will pay tomorrow") and layby customers.  Accounts may 'stand-alone' or have clients linked to them. As examples, teachers in a school can be linked to one account, or members of a family can be linked to one account. There are many options for applying discounts or service fees. Statements, invoices, receipts and reporting can all be modified to suit your business requirements.

    • Loyalty Clubs

      Loyalty Clubs

      Clubs are extremely flexible and can be used for a singular club encompassing all products or multiple clubs using just a particular range of products and working with a wide range of rules and rewards. 

      Extra impact and branding can be provided with the use of Voucher and Loyalty Cards whilst the great reporting options let you target your best customers, ensuring return business.  

    • Vouchers


      Create your own custom designed club or gift vouchers using Toniq FlexiSigns which can then print on your normal POS receipt printer when sold or issued.

      Vouchers lets you set the 'rules', expiry duration and redemption criteria and has great reporting to keep you 'up with the play' on outstanding, expired and redeemed vouchers.

    • Integrated Eftpos

      Integrated Eftpos

      Allows for faster transaction processing and response times, possible savings through reduced phone lines, hardware and paper costs, full redundancy options available

    • Integrated Loyalty

      Integrated Loyalty

      Flybuys and AA Smartfuel national loyalty schemes can both be processed using Toniq integrated Loyalty, taking your Eftpos processor out of the equation. 

      This integration allows for fast easy processing of transactions, greater reliability and possibly savings.

    • Toniq eShopLink

      Integrate your Toniq Retail system with Storbie or Shopify e-commerce software

      • Add, update & maintain products (including SOH) - directly from Retail to your website
      • Import sales directly into Retail (orders keyed and tendered automatically)


    • Toniq Sell Check

      Toniq Sell Check

      Sell Check is a market bench-marking tool for pharmacies that lets you 'spy' on market Prices and Sales Rates for retail products and medicines and to find what is selling well elsewhere. 

      Data is extracted from a 'pool' of contributing pharmacies and your confidentiality is assured. Approximately 400 pharmacies contribute to the 'pool'.

    • Retail Pocket Toniq

      Retail Pocket Toniq

      Do quick small random stock takes in real-time

      Add products to Orders and Label jobs with ease

    • Stock Points

      Stock Points

      Multi stock point operations (e.g. store within a store or a separate packing room for foils).

      On a single database, multiple stockpoints can be set up to separately manage stock levels, sales, ordering  and reporting.  Facilitates a 'store within a store' operation or the linking of several commonly owned stores (perhaps linked by wireless or remote access tools).

    • Retail Jobs

      Retail Jobs

      Toniq Jobs module allows you to track the progress of a particular 'Job' through its various stages.  From creating your own templates, quoting through to tendering and onto reporting of outstanding, completed and stock in use, the Jobs module has been used for repairs, photo processing, projects, even rentals.