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Hardware Recommendations

Toniq does not supply hardware, but is happy to advise on hardware issues.


Toniq is committed to using as much "legacy" equipment as possible. To ensure that our customers get the best advice, Toniq is happy to check hardware quotes.

  • Computer Requirements 

    The computer specification is dependent on the role it is used for in the Toniq installation.


      Server (or single user station) Dispensary workstation Retail POS workstation
    Processor *Multi core processor (Intel Core i5 6600/i7 6700 or equivalent) *Multi core processor (Intel Core i3 6100 or equiv.) *Multi core processor (Intel Core i3 6100 or equiv.)
    Memory *8Gb RAM or higher *4Gb RAM or higher *4GB RAM or higher
    Hard drive Fast hard drive (with at least *50Gb free space on C: drive) At least *30Gb free space on C: drive At least *30Gb free space on C: drive
    Optical drive *DVD-ROM DVD-ROM optional but preferred Optional
    Parallel ports Depends on printers Depends on printers Depends on printers
    Serial ports Depends on peripherals Depends on peripherals Depends on peripherals

    *  Denotes required or minimum required



    Click here for Operating System Requirements

  • Printers 

    Dispensary foil printers: we recommend talking to the supplier of your foils to find out what printer works best with their foils.

    Dispensary labels: Zebra thermal printers (NB: do not use the Z series, these use a printer driver that is not supported by Dispensary).

    Normal A4 and A5 printing: use a printer that is recommended by your hardware person as being suitable for your work load.

    POS Receipt printers: All standard POS Receipt printers will be suitable.

  • Eftpos 

    Retail integrates with eftpos solutions from Direct Payment Solutions(DPS) and SmartPay Cadmus.
    Retail semi integrates with some Cadmus systems.

    DPS   smartpay cadmus

  • Toniq Data Backups 

    When considering off-site Toniq Database backups, you should consider an automatic online backup solution such as ToniqVault. For more information click the link.

    The preferred method of backup is to a USB Pen Drive (One pen drive is required for each working day). These pen drives are inexpensive and come in many capacities. A standard size pen drive for Toniq backups is 16Gb.


    NB:   We recommend doing Location 1 Onsite backups daily.

  • Magnetic Swipe Card Readers 

    Any PS2 or USB swipe card reader will work to scan in Community Service Cards. Ring our support office to see if we have any available, or contact your hardware person.

  • Barcode Scanners 

    Any PS2 or USB scanner that is recognised as a keyboard should work (although they may need some setup to make them recognise different barcode formats).

    Serial scanners do work but require some setup in retail and dispensary to make them recognise different barcode formats.

  • Cash Drawers 

    Various types are available. These are usually opened by a signal sent from the receipt printer or from a device (com kicker) attached to the serial port.

  • Pocket Toniq Devices 

    It is recommended that when purchasing a device to use with Pocket Toniq (Dispensary or Retail) the device has the following features.

    • Wireless capability *
    • Built in Scanner
    • Windows CE


    Here is a list of devices that our software has been tested on.  Please contact our support team if you have another device to test.


    Approved device list:

    • Symbol/Motorola MC50, MC55, MC65, MC2100, MC2180, PPT8800
    • Honeywell 6100, 6500, 5100, 6110
    • Metrologic SP5700 OptimusPDA
    • Intermec CN50, CN51, CK3R


    *A wireless access point compatible with the chosen device will be required. Encryption is strongly recommended.