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Dispensary Pocket Toniq

Receiving signed Prescriptions

When Doctors return signed Telephone Rx's, use Pocket Toniq to scan the document barcode. This changes the status of all the Rxs on the form to 'received' in the pharmacy database. If a pharmacy is using bulk Rx's, as many as 25 Rxs can be received with one scan. Faxed and Referred Rxs can also be matched and scanned from label barcodes. Using Pocket Toniq means the workstation normally used for this work, can be used for other work.


Scan deferral of uncollected medicines

Quick and automatic deferral of shelved medicines from the claim just before it is sent. Simply scan the receipt or bag label barcode.


Random Stock Takes

Stock take dispensary medicines in barcoded boxes, just scan, count & adjust if necessary.



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