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Dispensary Charts

Patient suitability

  • Community patients who have care-givers
  • Hospital discharge patients with multiple prescribers
  • Rest home patients with dose-packs
  • Care-plus patients with many medicines

Info available

  • Medicine brand, generic, strength and form
  • Dose instructions from dispensing label
  • Pharmacy specified dose times in grid format
  • Patient details including, NHI number and photo
  • Medicine repeat status
  • Physical description of medicines, sourced from Medsafe datasheets
  • Purpose of medicines in patient friendly terminology



  • Automatic medicine entry based on a dose-pack or manual selection of medicines from patient history
  • Formatted for A5 or A4
  • Sections can be user defined based on regular medication, prn medication, or with dosepack items
  • Grid can be printed for Doctor to sign and date