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Dispensary Modules

    • Dispensary Charts

      Dispensary Charts

      A detailed medicine profile at a glance

    • Drug photos

      drug medicine photos in Toniq.

      100's of high quality medicine photos available to be used for identification.

    • Dispensary Pocket Toniq

      Dispensary Pocket Toniq

      Scan in Tel/Fax/Ref Rx's and free up a workstation

      Defer uncollected medicines from the claim batch

      Random stock takes for medicines

    • Toniq Sell Check

      Toniq Sell Check

      Sell Check is a market bench-marking tool for pharmacies that lets you 'spy' on market Prices and Sales Rates for retail products and medicines and to find what is selling well elsewhere. 

      Data is extracted from a 'pool' of contributing pharmacies and your confidentiality is assured. Approximately 400 pharmacies contribute to the 'pool'.

    • Stock Points

      Stock Points

      Multi stock point operations (e.g. store within a store or a separate packing room for foils).

      On a single database, multiple stockpoints can be set up to separately manage stock levels, sales, ordering  and reporting.  Facilitates a 'store within a store' operation or the linking of several commonly owned stores (perhaps linked by wireless or remote access tools).